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You might be a pro on the road, but when it things get rough and bumpy, it’s a whole new ballgame. Lucky for you, we’re the kind of crew that embraces new mates with open arms. Keep your focus, and you’ll walk away from here with some new top-notch knowledge.


First things off the rank, you’re gonna need a machine that’s ready to roll with the punches. A gravel, cyclocross, or mountain bike is the way to go, packing some thick tires to tackle any ground like a champ.

Now, gravel and cyclocross bikes might seem like twins separated at birth. Both sport those drop handlebars, knobby tires, rock-solid frames (in most cases), and wider tire clearances than their road-ready cousins.

So, what’s the real McCoy, and what goodies should you chuck in your kit?


Gravel bikes are like the thoroughbreds of lightweight racing-style cycles, tailor-made for cruising through gentle off-road spots such as dirt roads, fire lanes, country tracks, and silky singletrack.

The goal? Offering a nimble, swift way to pedal through the great outdoors without the heft of your typical mountain bike.


Cyclocross bikes are close kin to roadies but with beefier frames and wider tire clearance.

Here’s the kicker – unlike gravel bikes, these bad boys rock a more aggressive racing setup, making them less cushy for those marathon rides.

hard tail

Hardtail mountain bikes, they’re the real deal – packing front suspension but keeping it all business in the rear with no extra bounce.

They usually tip the scales on the lighter side, won’t break the bank, are a breeze to keep in shape, and stick around for the long haul.


Now, let’s dive into tire talk. Tires are a riders contact with mother earth and as such the wider the tire the more grip you have to “braap” a corner and absorb a bump. The narrower the tire the faster you roll but the less safe you are in Gaia’s embrace. So whilst 35-38 may see you off the front early it may also see you sitting beside the road fixing a flat or applying a bandaid. 40mm+ tire width whilst not guaranteeing no flats will reduce the risk. Choose wisely. 

The tyre market’s a jungle with all sorts of grip tread options. Unless you’re a total rookie swapping rubber for every mood, stick to an “all-rounder.” Something with a tighter centre tread and spaced-out sides should keep you rolling smoothly.

Now, let’s chat about the inevitable – busting a flat. They’re part of the game, so don’t be caught with your pants down. Get yourself a solid repair kit for your rides – tyre levers, spare tubes, a pump, and some patches. Don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty; knowing how to fix that flat is all part of the fearless rider vibe. Any legit bike shop worth its salt will have your back with these essentials.

For the road warriors turning into off-road explorers, it’s a breeze. Just keep it chill on those rough stretches, stay loose, and don’t sweat it if your bike starts dancing like the Surf Club on a Saturday night.

sub 33mm

Not recommended

low 40's mm


high 40's mm

Goldilocks Size

50mm +

Too Gooey


Discovering a defferent Noosa will take you all around the hinterland across a variety of trails and surfaces.  Here’s what you can expect on your ride.


Purpose Built Trail
Single File

bike trail

Purpose Built Trail
Wider Than Singletrack


Emergency Access Road
One Car Width


Mix hard pack or loose gravel
One or two car width